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Sweet bread

Sweet bread

I put flour in a bowl, made a hole in the middle and added eggs, margarine, yeast, salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of warm water and mix. Cover and leave for 15 minutes.

After making the basics, add the rest of the ingredients and knead. at the end, knead with 200 ml of oil.

Knead until it no longer sticks to the basin (I kneaded for 40 minutes, my hands hurt, the more you knead, the better the cake comes out)

Cover and leave to rise for an hour

Give biscuits through a mincer, grind and nut, mix, add cocoa, sugar, rum essence, raisins and soak in milk.

Spread a rectangular sheet and grease with cocoa cream, roll.

Spread another sheet and do the same,

Roll both and place in a greased pan, grease with beaten egg with a little sugar, put in the oven for an hour on low heat

When it is removed from the tray, leave it on one side so as not to leave it, grease it with oil and cover it with a towel,

Very fluffy Russian cake for Easter & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of Russian cake with dried fruit is perfect for Easter. Su is called kulich or paska and is made both in Russia and in other Balkan countries. It's a bit like panettone, but it is not the same and it is not prepared in the same way. This recipe is made in Russia especially for Easter and has a cylinder shape. It is made in special paper forms or even in large cans. Cover the cans with baking paper and use them as trays. It has many dried and candied fruits in the composition and an egg white-based glaze on the outside. It is a very fluffy, fragrant cake and is a little different from the Romanian cake which we usually prepare.

I really liked this Russian cake because it is festive, it had meringue on top and I liked the texture. In addition, it was different from our cake in terms of preparation. I liked that he had sour cream in addition to milk. In addition, whole eggs were used, not just yolks. Then everything was put in a bowl and kneaded, including the oil. Starting from the Russian recipes, I made my own version of kulich, respecting of course the defining elements. I was curious to see if the preparation influences the final result. The answer is no, it does not influence him. The dough comes out perfectly, with a wonderful texture, it is supple and soft.

Video: Super soft Raisin sweet bread recipe. sweet bread recipe (January 2022).