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Dessert in the Desert: The Top 5 Happy Endings in Las Vegas

Dessert in the Desert: The Top 5 Happy Endings in Las Vegas

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Don't leave town without one of these sweets

If you're down on your luck at the casinos and looking for a sweet pick-me-up in Vegas, have no fear, dessert is here. With hundreds of pastry chefs competing for your taste buds' affection, you will certainly find yourself walking back to your hotel room feeling like a winner.

From Nobu’s "Style Shave" (which essentially looks and tastes like a bowl of snow) to the munchkin-sized assorted choux at Jasmine’s Fountain Brunch, the pastry quarter of Vegas has it all.

Not only do these dishes have magnificent tastes, but each is presented as if it belonged in a museum. For example, the frozen yogurt sampler at Andrea’s isn’t even plated, but rather served on a whimsical iron spiral with open platforms for each mini ice cream cone to sit. When it arrives at the table, diners are stunned by its beauty before they savor this delicate masterpiece.

Even the most commonplace desserts (if thoroughly hunted down) are melt-in-your-mouth miracles. Two of the best desserts in Vegas can be found at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill in Caesars Palace and at The Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon. The Sticky Toffee pudding is one of the most popular dishes at the British celebrity chef’s restaurant. According to Carlos Salazar, the executive pastry chef of Caesars Palace, they "serve hundreds of Sticky Toffee Pudding desserts a day." Now that’s a convincing figure. For the gelato lovers of the world, head to Wicked Spoon and choose between the 18 different flavors that are on display. Or, if you want to try them all (yes, people have done it before), the servers at the dessert section will happily accommodate. Popular flavors are salted peanut caramel and almond joy.

So, if you haven’t had much luck at the clubs or the casinos, get the happy ending(s) that you deserve at any one or all five of these restaurants. They’re each a story to come home with...

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Hotel Room Break Ins . Why NOT some good endings !!

We have heard on this forum, ALL the dreaded stories about break ins, and the blame should be on the hotel, and hotel security,etc,etc.

Why not hear about the "Good Side" Stories for a change, that the hotels do or have done. We always hear the bad stories but not the Good ones.

We always use the room safe for $,jewelry,and my iPad.Nothing of real value,other then the cash. but it's a good safeguard to secure your stuff.So far,so good.

"My liver has lost a lot of functionality in Vegas and will do again this trip"

You should sue your favorite casino!! The drinks should come with a warning of possible liver damage. How recklessly irresponsible of them not to make you aware of this possibility.

I went to Vegas in June, first time, and stayed at MGM Grand. I was suprised with how safe things were there so to see this post that people have been robbed is quite suprising. I was amazed that we could leave our bags and belongings on the sun loungers, go to the bar or pool and they would still be there, untouched. This would not happen in the UK or anywhere else ive been to in Europe. I also dropped my purse one night whilst playing on the machines, didnt realise until we got back to the room as our room card was in the purse too. As we headed back downstairs to look for it a stranger was on his way up to our room to return it. What a great dead. Looking forward to be going back again this June :)

Not a casino issue, but my wife left her purse on her first trip in a cab. Not only was it turned in, it had all the cards and cash still inside.

ItsAllAboutMe92 you said, "As we headed back downstairs to look for it a stranger was on his way up to our room to return it."

Now how in the world would a "stranger" know what room you were in to bring you your purse? That's a little scary to me.

And, if you keep leaving things on a sun lounger, you will eventually have something stolen if you leave anything of value. So, just a word of warning. Never do that if you care if anything you leave unattended goes missing.

@itsallaboutme I agree with place bets. You lucked out both times but please don't consider either situation the norm. Don't leave your bags unsupervised anywhere and be careful with your purse.

I've misplaced things (not in Vegas) that were turned in hours after losing them and have lost things (purse, phone) that I realized were gone only seconds after misplacing them and they were gone by the time I went back for them.

It happens every where and can happen at anytime.

I tend to lock everything away, and would not ever chance it. Thus I have never had a problem.

Not from Vegas, but years ago at Leela Palace in Bangalore my Blackberry (remember those?) charger disappeared from my room. Hotel security took it VERY seriously. The head of security, who must have been an army Colonel or something, interviewed me. The hotel offered to replace it, and did give me a USB cable so I could charge my phone from my laptop.

Never any problems in Vegas, though I do keep valuables in the safe, if there is one. If not, I use the safe deposit boxes.

Good idea Moose, focus on the positives.

I have never had anything stolen from my room, but I also leave the do not disturb sign on the door and the TV on while I am away from my room. I simply change out the towels if I am staying for more than 3 nights.

Once while waiting for our airplane, my friend misplaced his cell phone in the airport. Someone turned it in to security and he was able to retrieve it before we departed. Las Vegas must be the most honest city in the United States. :)

10 trips to Vegas in the last 4 years. Only think I've lost his my money and the only thing stolen from me was my dignity. Then again I pack my common sense to take with me.

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Hotel Room Break Ins . Why NOT some good endings !!

We have heard on this forum, ALL the dreaded stories about break ins, and the blame should be on the hotel, and hotel security,etc,etc.

Why not hear about the "Good Side" Stories for a change, that the hotels do or have done. We always hear the bad stories but not the Good ones.

I have been to Vegas more times than I remember and have never had anything stolen from my room or elsewhere. I did leave my iphone on a slot machine NYE. the lady cleaning up in the area noticed me looking for it and helped me track down security who had already picked it up and secured it

This is not in regards to a break in, but I stayed 1 night at Circus Circus on my last trip, and there was a woman's watch left in the bedside drawer. Trust me, as a gambler, it is tempting to see if it is worth anything, but I would never actually do that. I brought it to the front desk and gave them the room # so hopefully they can get it back to the rightful owner. It may have meaning to the person who left it, even if it has little or no monetary value.

Its funny how people complain, about hotel security, the tunnel, drink service, hotel service, lack of cocktail service, taxi service, etc, etc.

But they are showing up in record numbers in Las Vegas . Sounds Funny to Me

Last trip to Vegas I stayed at the Bellagio and. did NOT get robbed!

And at least half of these posted room burglary stories just don't ring true. I've read some real locked-room mysteries here over the years.

I've been ripped off in Las Vegas hundreds of times. Darn craps tables !!

Had a little too much fun at the club and left my phone in the bathroom. Noticed and went to ask one of the cleaning ladies for it. After I described it she gave it back and I tipped her. She looked at the tip like 'what's this?' Lol. So I gave her a few extra dollars. But I left Vegas with my phone.

My liver has lost a lot of functionality in Vegas and will do again this trip

I'm with you - sort of - in that I paid far too much for a bottle of wine at Twist once, but stuff happens. To date, that is as close to crime as I have gotten, other than that someone at the Aria, their Cafe or their Bar did nab my AMEX card #, but the AMEX Security folk caught that instantly - the number just barely made it over the state line into CA, before being discovered - but we had three different cards nicked in London one year, so it can happen anywhere.

I've never had that happen to me yet (need to find some wood now) but I keep a pretty close eye on it because one of my kids has had it happen 3 times.

My sister and her husband actually did have someone break into their room about 15 or 20 years ago at the Maxim (now the Westin). They had both been winners that night and had over $7000 cash stolen out of their rooms while they slept. At least that is the story they told. I always figured one of them went back down to the casino and lost it but they both swear they didn't.

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