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Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca

Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca

Today I cooked from the freezer and from the pantry, something fast and quite good.

  • 2 blue cord bags (frozen)
  • 300 g of rice
  • 50g butter
  • thyme
  • Bay leaf
  • pepper
  • delicate
  • zucchini zacusca

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca:

I heated the oil and fried the blue cord (thawed) on both sides over a suitable heat.

I boiled the rice with 2 parts water, bay leaves and a little delicate, I seasoned it with pepper and thyme, and when it was close to the end I put the butter cut into pieces and mixed (a little so as not to crush the rice ).

I served it with zacusca and pickles.

The cookbook

Once upon a time, high society figures used to meet in a kind of gourmet club in order to cultivate the art of eating and drinking well.
Their celebrations had later become so well known that the expression "au cordon bleu" had appeared. The most skilled of them wore a blue cord as a sign of recognition of knowledge in the field. That is, a high class kitchen.
In 1895, a German journalist named Marthe Distel published the first cookbook with recipes from the "Kitchen of the Blue Cords".
After the enormous success of the book, it was later launched in practical demonstrations.
Following the publicity created, disciples from all over the world educated in Paris opened culinary schools everywhere in order to spread the French gastronomic art.
Today, through the 27 official schools around the globe, "Cordon Bleu" is a prestigious culinary landmark.

chicken breast-2 pcs
pressed ham-8 slices
mozzarella-150 g
frying oil
rice flour (I used)
2-3 eggs

Prepare the meat, cut the chicken breast in half, then longitudinally (obtaining 4 pieces / chicken breast):

Recipe: Eggplant zacusca

Preparation of eggplant zacusca
Bake the eggplants a day before preparing the zacusca. Clean and allow to drain. Peel an onion, grate it and squeeze the juice. The donuts are cleaned of seeds and stalks or if you prefer you can bake them on the stove and clean them of the skin. Peel a squash, grate it and boil it. All the vegetables are passed through the mincer, first the onion, then the donuts, the carrots and then the eggplant. Take a large pot and place it on the stove, but not directly on the flame, but on a board. Add the oil and let it heat up. Then add the onion and leave until soft. Then add the donuts and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. After the donuts have softened, add the carrots, eggplant, broth, salt and pepper to taste and a few bay leaves. Bring to the boil, stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Eggplant zacusca is ready when the composition starts to sizzle like polenta and oil comes to the surface.

Preparation of eggplant zacusca

Fill the jars with eggplant zacusca about ¾ and put a pinch of salicylic knife, staple and put in bed clothes until the next day. The jars with eggplant zacusca are dusted for 25 minutes from the moment the water starts to boil. On the third day they dust again.

Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca - Recipes


It's time for a sarmale recipe on my blog. And because we are fasting, I present the recipe for fasting sarmale with rice and mushrooms.

Although I kept making sarmale on various occasions, they never got to be photographed and blogged. Until now when I decided it was their time and there was no point in postponing them.

  • 2 medium sauerkraut, 400 g rice, 10 mushrooms, 1 red onion, 2 white onions, 1 carrot, 1 red pepper, tomato juice (about 1 liter), salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, marjoram, oregano, thyme, paprika, dill.

I finely chopped (with the robot) onions, carrots, peppers.

I put them to harden in a little oil and when they softened I added the mushrooms cut into small pieces.

When the vegetables became soft, I put the rice, the spices (salt, marjoram, oregano, thyme, paprika) and a cup of water. I stirred constantly so that it didn't stick, and towards the end I added 300 ml of tomato juice and finely chopped dill.

I then let the composition cool for 30 minutes.

During this time I prepared the cabbage leaves for the filling. I unwrapped each one lightly, cut their stalks and put them in a plate on top of each other so that I could easily handle them when filling.

When the composition with rice and mushrooms cooled, I moved on to the more meticulous part, that is, I started to form the sarmalutes.

On one edge of the cabbage leaf I placed a spoonful of filling, I rolled the sheet in half, then I pulled the edges over the already formed wire and I rolled it to the end (I didn't squeeze them very hard because the rice swells at boiling) - see photo above.

I made some bigger cabbage rolls because I don't like to care too much about them. If, however, the cabbage leaves are very large and we do not want giant sarmale, we cut them in 2.

In the pot in which I boiled the stuffed cabbage, I put a row of chopped cabbage (that is, the smaller leaves next to the back).

I then placed the stuffed cabbage on the edge of the pot in layers. In the middle where there was an empty space, I filled it with finely chopped cabbage. I put the same on top.

I added tomato juice (about 600-700 ml), sprigs of green dill, peppercorns and bay leaves.

I filled it with water and boiled it on the right heat. I had the sauerkraut I bought and it was a little sour and a little salty so I filled it with boiling water only. If the cabbage is not salty or sour we can fill it with cabbage juice.

I left them on the fire for approx. 2 hours, it's good to taste and see when the cabbage is well cooked.

I don't know how many sarmales came out that I didn't count, but there were quite a few for us.

Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca - Recipes

A more sophisticated and obviously better schnitzel.

What you need for 6 servings (picture 1)
& # 8211 3 large boned chicken breasts
& # 8211 500 gr of cheese
& # 8211 500 gr of pressed ham (I used Sissi)
& # 8211 4 eggs
& # 8211 flour, breadcrumbs, spices

Work plan:
& # 8211 cut the cheese and ham pressed into 12 rectangular slices (picture 2)
& # 8211 cut the meat and beat it like a schnitzel, and then season it - salt, pepper, delicate (picture 3)
& # 8211 we put a slice of cheese and ham on each piece of meat (picture 4). Roll (picture 5) and catch with toothpicks at the ends (pictures 6 and 7)
& # 8211 we prepare the flour, the breadcrumbs and the 4 beaten eggs (picture 8). We take each piece of meat and give it through flour (picture 9), egg (picture 10) and breadcrumbs (picture 11)
& # 8211 Heat more oil in a pan and fry over low heat blue cord it (pictures 12 and 13), to penetrate as well as possible.
& # 8211 we take them out on a napkin that has the role of absorbing fat (picture 14)
& # 8211 Enjoy! (picture 15)

Preparation time: 60 minutes
Price: 8 lei / portion (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients)


Lightly grate the peel of the pumpkins, then cut them into slices. & # 160

Heat the oil and add spices - paprika, pepper, curry, turmeric (that's what I put, everyone does as they please). Stir continuously with a wooden spoon and be careful not to burn at all, so immediately add finely chopped onions and diced bell peppers. Let it simmer on low heat with a lid. & # 160

Add the zucchini and simmer. Gradually add a little water, salt. & # 160

We boil the rice separately.
When the zucchini are penetrated, we also mix the rice.

We add salt and spices, we boil a little more.
This food is good if the rice and zucchini are left & # 8221al dente & # 8221 and not juicy.
If I boiled and chopped them, I didn't do anything good.

Simona's World

My boyfriend is a fan of snitel and everything related to it. Today I made blue cordon, and as a garnish I chose sauteed vegetables.


It looks gorgeous!
I wish you a wonderful spring!
Ray's knife

What a treat! You made me want to:) I'll put it on the Easter list. Pup!

@Vilhelm, thank you! A wonderful spring for you too!
@Licuta, I can only offer you a virtual portion until you prepare! Many kisses

What goodness, no amide since I haven't made it! It looks very appetizing, many kisses!

Delicious, I love sauteed vegetables!

I really like cordon bleu! Have a nice weekend!

I want it too !! Now if you can !!

I like it a lot and it turned out great for you. Kiss!

Hmm how good it looks. I want it too. Kiss!

I like your choice. ) A beautiful Sunday.

A total delight, Simona. Kisses: X

@Flory, thank you! Many kisses
@Teo, I really like it too. Kiss
@Haplea, I prepare his snits or relatives quite often :)
@Antonina, of course! :) Kiss
@ Sara & ampMiki, thank you very much! Many kisses
@Adela, serve with pleasure. Kiss
@Adina, I'm glad you like it! Kisses and a wonderful Sunday for you too
@Maria, sar`mana. Many kisses

Delicious! I wouldn't refuse 2-3 dishes, but neither would the vegetables :) Kisses!

@Danutza, I will be happy to serve you! Kiss
@Maya, sar`mana! Kiss you

Simona, if I knew what goodness you did yesterday, I would stop in Ploiesti, on the way home. Kiss.

Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca - Recipes

For a very long time I wanted to try blue cordon, that is, made 100% by myself not taken in the frozen box :) And I kept postponing it in the idea that it won't work out, that it's complicated, etc.

But since March 8, I said I had to try it. Well, if I don't prove to myself how talented I am in the kitchen, even on women's day, when? :))

And I did it! It's not perfect, it doesn't look like a restaurant. but it's super tasty :) And it's not that complicated to make. I mean, things are going fast, you just have to start with him and then he can't help but come out :))

  • chicken breast (2 pieces), slices of chicken ham (Sissi), slices of cheese, salt, white pepper, 3 -4 tablespoons breadcrumbs, 3 -4 tablespoons flour, 2 eggs, oil for frying, toothpicks.

I had some problems with the chicken breast because it didn't cut as nicely as I wanted, but I finally managed to get a few slices of the beautiful breasts.

I beat them a little with the hammer for the slices, I seasoned them, then I placed on each slice of cheese and ham (see photo).

I rolled lightly then I caught them in toothpicks and closed them like rolls.

I passed them through flour, egg and breadcrumbs and I fried them in hot oil on all sides until they were browned.

Blue cord on a bed of rice and zucchini zacusca - Recipes

  • 2 zucchini, medium size
  • 2 small peppers
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 green onion
  • 10 basil leaves
  • 1 tablespoon hot pepper paste (Sambal Oelek)
  • 2 tablespoons rice
  • 1.5 l vegetable or chicken soup, warm
  • 1 teaspoon chemistry
  • 1 tablespoon concentrate and tomatoes
  • avocado oil
  • salt

Meanwhile, prepare the soup. Wash the vegetables.
Peel the garlic and slice it thinly.
Cut the onion into rounds and leave the peppers whole.
They're just flavor carriers.

Saute the peppers a little together with the onion, garlic and cumin.

Add the rice and hot pepper paste, mix for another 2-3 minutes.

Pour the soup, add the basil and cook for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, season to taste with salt and hot pepper paste.

2-3 minutes before turning off the heat, add the browned zucchini
and tomato concentrate. Stir, cook for another 2-3 minutes,
turn off the heat and let it simmer for another 20-30 minutes, covered!

The best pumpkin soup I've ever served.
Spicy, hot, tasty! With a spoonful of Creme Fraîche, pure love!

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a wonder! I did too, but with beef, that's why I had it. wonderful recipe!

How appetizing it looks. Thanks for the recipe! Many kisses !

A. if it's cheese. I'm sure Mihai will like it. therefore I have to try this recipe too ..

Thank you very much for the appreciation of the girls!

blue cord, I could make my little girl every day that she would not get tired, she likes hot, or microwave heated

Doinita, my people like it too. If I didn't insist on eating diversified food next to them, they would only want snails, blue cordon and meatballs all day. :)))

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