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For Santa we have prepared these delicious cookies that can be kept longer.

  • 250 g flour
  • 200 g butter
  • 100 g almonds
  • 150 g vanilla sugar

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


I peeled and ground the almonds. To peel the almonds, put water to boil and when it boils, add the almonds and turn off the heat, leave it for 2 minutes, then you can easily peel the almonds. 75 g of sugar is put in the dough and 75 g is added. make powder.

Mix flour, butter, ground almonds and 75 g of sugar until a dough is formed which is placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, after which chopsticks are formed which are cut to a size of 4 cm. tray on baking paper and place in preheated oven for about 15 minutes. Remove and pass hot through powdered sugar.

Mini rainbow shaped flower

They are very cheerful on the plate, attract everyone's attention and are extremely tasty. They can be made with sweet or salty dough, and the filling can be sweet or salty, as desired.

What can the mini-cakes be filled with (see also the respective recipes where the names are in red - click and find the recipe):

-salted: liver pate, simple cream creams or with various additives (dill, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, salmon), caviar salad, red or black caviar, avocado mayonnaise, eggplant salad, zacusca of any kind , beef salad, russian salad, fish paste, beaten beans, raw salads & hellip

I dedicate this recipe to an extraordinary reader, Mrs. Mona Marculescu, a very kind Romanian, settled in the USA. She is a perfect housewife, a perfectionist and an extraordinary kind, she is full of energy, kindness and light, just like a rainbow & # 128578. This recipe fits her perfectly, that's how I see Mona & # 128578. This kind lady, together with Sorin, her husband, prepared a pork according to the recipes on the blog Have fun with Gina Bradea. We made together (I gave valuable directions, I went with the folder, yes? & # 128512) all kinds of crap: sausages, kaizer, bacon, gypsy muscles, smoked bones, chop, neck and smoked mussels. But also cakes, homemade bread, soups of all kinds & hellip. This family of good people has entered my soul! & # 128578

From now on, I will write recipes that I will dedicate to the most active and loyal readers & # 128578

"Madeleine" cookies - simple and quick recipe!

"Madeleine" cookies. The recipe is simple and quick, but it has some peculiarities, which you must take into account. The cookies have a specific shell shape and are like small, fluffy and absolutely delicious cakes!


-1 teaspoon of baking powder

-5 g of vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

-1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel

-1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice.


1. Beat, with a whisk, the eggs with salt, sugar, vanilla sugar, juice and grated lemon peel, until the composition is homogeneous. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes at room temperature.

2. Put the butter, cut into pieces, in a saucepan and heat it until it melts and boils.

Advice. In some recipes it is indicated that the butter should be kept on the fire until it acquires a brown color. But you may not succeed at first, overheat it, and you may not be able to use it. That's why we only recommend that you melt it well.

3.Add 2 tablespoons of flour, of the total amount, in the hot butter and mix very well until all the lumps disappear. Allow the mixture to cool until warm.

4.Add the baking powder in the remaining flour, sifted preventively, and mix.

5. Pour the hot butter mixture into the egg bowl, stirring constantly with the whisk. You will notice how the composition becomes denser.

6. Incorporate the flour and mix until smooth. Cover the dough bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. After resting, the composition of madeleines will be denser.

7. Fill the forms with dough, using 2 teaspoons or a tablespoon of ice cream.

Advice. If you do not have a special shape of madeleine, use any other with a depth of 1.5-2 cm.

8. Bake the cookies in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 10-12 minutes. Take the toothpick test.

9. Take them out of the mold and place them on a grill to cool.

Madeleines are crispy on the outside, but very soft, fragrant and fluffy on the inside. We can't explain to you what their magic is, but they are incredibly good!

First cut the shit and roll it between your fingers about 2 cm long. Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with the sugar. Add the yolks, flour and then the oil at the same time, and then the flavors.

Take it with a spoon and put it on the baking paper (which I greased a little, but only before the first series of cookies) or directly on the greased tray. If the dough does not spread, help it a little with a spoon. Bake in a hot oven at 375`F or 190`C for about 5 minutes or until the edges are lightly tanned. In the oven door, peel off with a spatula, place a piece of shit in the middle and quickly squeeze between the fingers to stick.

After they have been baked, all the cookies are arranged on a plate and powdered with sugar. Other recommended recipes:

Easter cookies

Easter cookies are our contribution to Easter cakes and are some of the most appreciated.

It is easy to prepare and keeps for a long time. You can use your imagination to decorate them.

Recipe of Easter cookies it can also be used for other occasions, for birthdays, the school package or for a snack.

Quick snacks for guests

Quick snacks for guests recipes: how to cook quick snacks for guests and the tastiest recipes for quick pancakes, quick recipes, quick soups, quick soup soups, quick donuts with yeast, quick raw vegan recipes, quick and fluffy muffins, quick desserts without baking, quick cookies with jam, fasting fast food.

Mini pizza - quick and delicious snacks

Appetizers, Pasta and pizza, Pizza 400 g pizza dough 250 g tomato sauce 1 teaspoon oregano 200 g mozzarella for topping: salami olives mushrooms peppers corn bacon chorizo

Cold snacks on the mini fridge

Cucumber, Cheese, Ham we need: chopsticks like toothpicks or skewer sticks but shorter (I put some special bamboo chopsticks for snacks) a handful of arugula (I love this salad in any combination) cheese salami ham.

Jamila cookies

Cookies Recipes Cookies - small, quick cakes, made of tender dough (with various shapes) Cookies, how much I like them! Why? Because the cookies are with butter, raisins, vanilla, nutella, almonds, chocolate glaze (or not), walnuts, etc. And, because I've liked them since I know myself, I learned how to make these little cakes in the oven in my home kitchen. the mouth. Here are x recipes for homemade cookies from which to choose according to your appetite and which you can prepare without fail! 14 homemade cookie recipes No matter if you make plans [I cook homemade biscuits and delicious cookies for our children, we have gathered here recipes for simple homemade biscuits, fasting cookies or biscuits, chocolate biscuits, biscuits for children and of course all the recipes they are chosen with love

10 recipes for Christmas cookies. I don't know how to make it, but most of the cookie recipes on the blog are made during this period, before Christmas. The cold may be responsible for the urge to bake more. Maybe the general festive atmosphere before the end of Cookies can be filled with chocolate cream, but also with jam. Sometimes I fill them with raspberry jam and they look wonderful to me. As for the chocolate cream, it can be a ganache cream, as we did today, or a butter cream like the Doboș cake. If you intend to keep the cookies for a longer time, a butter cream is more appropriate, if you will . Mini Linzer cookies step by step recipe with helpful images. Learn how to make the most delicious Mini Linzer cookies, tender Speculoos biscuits - speculaas, spekulatius - homemade How to make the famous Dutch speculaas biscuits, This hedgehog cookie recipe, which I found in my aunt's old recipe book, from which I also prepared the Snow White cake or the TV cake, I think is one of the simplest possible cookie recipes.. But as simple and quick to make as it is tasty. And handsome despite the slightly ruffled name:

Butter Cookies Recipe - JamilaCuisine - YouTub

American chocolate cookies JamilaCuisine - YouTub

Fresh Christmas cookies, quick cookies recipe with butter Fresh Christmas cookies, dessert recipe for the holiday table. Only a few days separate us from Christmas, the most awaited and happy holiday of the year. Besides the gifts for your loved ones, the general cleaning and the decoration of the Christmas tree, are we also thinking about the Christmas menu Quick Cookies with only 3 ingredients? Yes there is! And they are made without too much hassle, even if you do not have the experience of a professional chef. If you follow the recipe below, you will be able to prepare the tastiest quick cookies with only 3 ingredients. When you feel like something sweet, cookies are the best option. This kind of cookies was fashionable about 40 years ago and today few housewives still make them, although they are very good, thanks to the tender dough and walnuts. In addition, they look nice, are economical and are very easy to make. Fresh cookies with butter and jam, a delight for family meals. They are fine, have a special taste due to the slightly sour apricot jam and are not missing from the Christmas celebration Cookies with Christmas butter. The holidays are just around the corner so we need to start the preparations. Even if it's a little early to actually start cooking, we can start looking for recipes and ideas for Christmas and New Year's meals.

Cookies 159 recipes: Cookie Jar-Jar with Cookies, 3-Ingredient Cookies, Cookies with Okara - Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipe, Alfajores- Famous Latin American Cookies, Easter Cookies (with Chocolate Eggs), Fresh Cookies, Cookies .. These cookies are very suitable for the Christmas period. Not only are they very tasty, but they also look good. They can also be rolled in coconut instead of walnuts, and you can choose almost any jam for the filling, but I used marmalade. Preparation time: 1 hour in the fridge, 15 minutes in the oven. Quantity: 20 pieces Ingredients. Add the eggs, one by one and mix after each one, to incorporate them in the butter composition, until it becomes homogeneous. We start to add the flour, gradually, in the rain and mix until we get a thick cream.

Do you know these coconut cookies? Crispy on the surface, tender inside, with a special tenderness and a delicious taste, given by the natural aroma of coconut flour and that of lemon peel or chocolate icing with which they can be decorated, these coconut cookies is the ideal solution for a delicious dessert, quick and easy to make Cookies, recipes for homemade cookies and biscuits, old recipes, confectionery recipes, tender croissants, islere, jam cookies, biscuits, plaeuri, spirit. Step by step cookie recipes. September 1, 2020. Cookies for breakfast. August 22, 2020. Chocolate cookies. August 16, 2020 But, like it or not, the freshest cookies are obtained with lard. Butter is commercially available, but can also be replaced with butter or margarine (but cookies will not be as tender). Put the lard and the egg in a large bowl, add the powdered sugar and mix until the latter melts. If we don't have powdered sugar, we can.

Fresh cookies with butter 3 2 1 Urban flavors

Re: Cinnamon cookies. when you make cookies, be careful when working with butter, it is not allowed to melt at all, otherwise the final texture will spoil. that's why if you beat it on a bowl of hot water, you have to be on stage so that it doesn't melt at all. but if they turned out good, you probably were Cookies with oatmeal and walnuts. After you finish cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with personal care products from BaByliss. For one egg, one cup (espresso) sugar, one cup oil, two cups flour Like Stuffed Walnuts these cookies were very fashionable at weddings and baptisms. They were also preparing for Christmas and New Year's holidays and were in great demand. My colleague also published a recipe for Stuffed Peaches, only that it differs from the one I used, the composition of the dough and the filling, so I decided to write and present my version of Stuffed Peach Cookies.

Walnut cookies - Practical recipes

  1. Cookies, or chocolate cookies are a very well-known recipe, easy to make but especially for children. Because they are made very easily and quickly and are to the children's liking, you can also prepare them for Christmas. Ingredient: 150 gr butter. 100 gr brown sugar. 100 gr sugar cough. 2 eggs. 250 gr flour
  2. ute
  3. ute. And that with food
  4. vanilla tele and mix the foam. Incorporate the egg, then the ground walnuts. Sift the flour with baking powder and add to the composition

Cookies - Laura Adamach recipes

Cookies Cakes Cake recipes Tender croissants with walnuts. by Miha February 17, 2017. by Miha February 17, 2017. Have you ever woken up early in the morning with a crazy craving for something good? Something good with walnuts and cinnamon Cookies and biscuits recipes for Christmas, a rich and varied collection that will inspire you and help you. Soon, any organized housewife will start making a list of recipes for cookies and cookies for Christmas. I already have some ideas in mind but they are not final, as I only have some time to meditate . And, I thought I'd put together cookie recipes. Fresh cookies with butter, a recipe for delicious cookies that melt in your mouth. How to make these sweet cookies with butter? I present the recipe step by step with all the secrets so that you get the best sweet cookies If you liked our recipe Soft cookies don't forget to review them. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Various sweets. Top with broth and cocoa. Boil 250 ml of broth, add 60 g of cocoa, remove from the heat and leave to cool in

Raisin cookies 13 recipes: Raisin cookies, Raisin cookies, Raisin cookies, Banana and raisin cookies, Raisin cookies and .. These chocolate and butter and vanilla cream cookies will have many dough circles. 8. Place the cookies on a sheet or tray in the center of half of the round cookies with other forms of cakes, with, lanterns, etc.) 10. Leave all the cookies (round and cut) to bake all the dough. 13. While the cookies cool, prepare the cream. 14 the cookie cut out in .. NON-TEST COOKIES WITH CINNAMON- It seems that these cookies were very popular when I asked you to choose the ones you want on Facebook. So here are the first in the series

Fresh Libertatea Coconut Cookies for Women, Oct. 4 2016 19:00 Download the Practical Recipes app for Android or iOS to always have inspiration in the kitchen, to find useful tips and to cook the most delicious Romanian and international dishes. Divide the dough into two parts, to be easier to handle. Spread a thin sheet from which it is cut with a heart shape, given by flour, full cookies. That is, as they come out after stamping Place the cookies on a tray lined with baking paper and bake approx. 10 minutes (be careful not to brown too much on the edges) In the first place will be, as you probably guessed, some special cookies, made by my dear Bogdi for Santa Claus :)) 1. Cookies with nuts and chocolate: 2010/12 / cookies-with-nuts-and-chocolate-for.htm JamilaCuisine, Bucharest. 1,044,830 reviews · 25,578 discuss this. This is the OFFICIAL Facebook page of JamilaCuisine.

14 homemade cookie recipes - Practical recipes

Fresh cookies, a recipe from Dr. Oetker's recipe book, a recipe that I will prepare for Christmas and whenever I have the opportunity because we really liked it! Ingredients: (for about 60 pieces) 250 gr butter. 160 gr powdered vanilla powder Dr Oetker. 1 or. 3 yolks JamilaCuisine, Bucharest. 1,044,252 likes · 25,533 talking about this. This is the OFFICIAL Facebook page JamilaCuisine [email protected] .. Quick Cookies With Raisins - the classic recipe of yesteryear, as our mothers did and how they were found in the confectionery. Delicious! This recipe for raisin cookies is one that many of us have grown up with and that many of us love. The cookies are easy to make and their taste reminds us of the childhood of Saraberne Sarah Bernhardt cake. These Sarabernes are also called tobitele, alcazare or barrels with walnuts. Whatever they are called, the Sarabernes could be the star of the Christmas table, Easter or any other holiday. And if you want to impress your guests, you have to serve them with saraberne, royal cake with walnuts, homemade savarine on a tray or with Brigadeiro cake. Sweet, fragrant, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I didn't succeed until yesterday when I found the recipe, completely different from what I was doing until then, in an old cookbook.

Cocoa cream with butter, simple recipe, explained step by step. Cocoa cream with butter for cakes and pies, delicious and very easy to prepare. I loved them so much, probably because they were so colorful and bright from the sugar crystals or, more than likely, because from a very young age, I remember my mother preparing them stuffed peaches recipe and tips for the success of some flawless cookies - homemade cakes - used apricot filled cakes - homemade cookies. If you want to share the recipe on social media or email, send the link or confidently use the share buttons for FB, Twitter and Pinterest

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and as you well know, the agitation has begun. Each of us runs after gifts for our loved ones, thinks about what he will do for the Holidays, designs the special menu for Christmas. In short, we have little time left. We put the composition in the form of cookies or biscuits, those that are not as tall as the muffin tins. You can also use muffin tins, but put very little composition into the tins. You can also use forms for madeleines Another wonderful recipe for cookies that you must make for the holidays! The complete recipe can be found here:

40 Recipes Homemade cookies and biscuits - with PICTURES

The Linzer cookie dough is left to cool for at least an hour. Turn the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. While the oven is heating, prepare the cookies. The dough is divided into two equal parts. On a plate (top) sprinkled with flour, spread the dough with the rolling pin in a sheet of maximum 0.5 cm. From the first part of the dough we cut with a shape. Recipe Cookies with Burnt Sugar Cream from Cookbook, Sweets. Specific Romania. How to Make Cookies with Burnt Sugar Cream. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers Biscuits and cookies. biscuits and cookies. Biscuits and cookies Party Festive recipes Valentine's Day Hearts cookies cherry flavor 2018-02-24. Heart cherry flavor cookies are a variant of the recipe for butter and vanilla cookies - the basic recipe. These biscuits keep their shape during baking, they have a slightly sandblasted texture.

Top 10 recipes for Christmas cookies - Readings and Flavor

  • Lira 8 years ago - 12 September 2009 22:10. Re: Cookies (chocolate cookies) WONDERFUL. I tried the recipe, although I made some changes, they turned out very good, I replaced the flakes with coarsely chopped chocolate, I added only white sugar, I put the first round with a teaspoon and they came out in the form of gingerbread they left as much as I would have thought so I stretched lap 2.
  • An impressive and very diverse collection of healthy sweets and suitable for adults or children - all recipes are with pictures on the steps and explained.
  • Stuffed peaches, homemade cakes. Childhood cakes-Honeycomb cake, Albinita cake, Negresa Nuci cake. The best homemade cakes. Some call them peaches others apricots all I know is that these cakes were not missing from our house on holidays
  • e, some more special walnut cookies, and this is due to the fact that I have always seen in walnut confectioneries only almond nuts. From the name it is clear that almonds are the main ingredient, but as almonds are very rare in our country, we have adapted them
  • ute, no more, at 170-180 degrees. They have a slightly brown circle at the base, but do not leave them longer, they bake very quickly
  • ute. After removing the cracked lemon cookies from the oven, it is advisable to let them cool 3-4

Cookies Paleuri with chocolate cream, video recipe

  • im 80% fat to come out delicious
  • Preparation Fresh cookies with lard. In a bowl mix with a whisk, lard, sour cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and orange peel. Add a pinch of salt, baking powder and gradually flour. We get a slightly sticky dough. With the help of a pos and a star-shaped dui, we form the cookies in a tray lined with flour.
  • But it's not the only recipe for cookies with chocolate drops on the blog - find here a recipe for cookies that can be frozen without problems before baking, so you always have a fresh cookie at hand, and here a recipe for cookies with flakes extremely fast salt. All three recipes are among the best cookies I've ever eaten

About life, for better or for worse. There are several types of trauma and their different effects. They all change the structure of the human psyche and create maladaptive mechanisms for Hedgehog with walnut or otherwise say tender cookies to melt in the mouth. For all those who like cookies or biscuits, this recipe is ideal. The hedgehogs are dressed in a sweet-crunchy layer of walnuts which makes them really delicious. You can prepare and store them for a long time in metal boxes or paper bags. Melt in a bain marie and stir until the chocolate melts. After it has melted, let it cool, then put it in a pouch and take two cookies, put cream in one and cover it with the other cookie. Buy Fruit or cookie serving bowl, bottle, 23x18 cm from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package on delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back Chocolate icing, cookies and cakes, a recipe you need to prepare desserts, be they cookies cakes or cakes. Use household chocolate, bitter, with milk, but do not use chocolate with filling. Preferably, a good quality chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa

Video: Laura Laurenți cookies

I started with the cookie dough. In a large bowl I mixed the butter and sugar, at low speed, for a few minutes, until incorporated. I then added the egg, juice and lemon peel and continued to mix lightly for 1-2 minutes, after which I incorporated the flour, previously mixed with salt and baking powder. If you want to prepare something festive and merry Christmas that will cheer up the children, I propose you this recipe for fragile butter biscuits that can be eaten simple or can be dressed in chocolate and decorated with sugar icing

Hedgehog Cookies - Readings and Flavor

Christmas Cookies Fill the house with holiday flavor and make these Christmas cookies. They are tasty, cheerfully colored and you can hang them in the tree if you want. The children will be extremely happy to taste them and why not, to prepare them with you. Good appetite! See the recipe! German Christmas Cookies Cinnamon Cookies Recipe: Holiday Flavor - One of Dr. Oetker's Hundreds of Delicious Recipes These ginger cookies are traditional cookies in Anglo-Saxon environments, bringing with them the scent of British traditions. They are very appreciated by tea lovers because they are crispy and aromatic. The truth is that these ginger cookies are good and next to coffee or tea. In search of cute cookies for Christmas I came across some fir trees. I actually knew about them, but I never mobilized to do them. This time, together with the children from the cooking workshops, I gave free rein to creativity in the kitchen. The children really liked it too

Linzer cookies with jam and walnut Savori Urban

Thanks Jamila Cuisine. And since I made these cookies on June 1, I wish all children, young and old, to be healthy and happy. anabolic steroids. Written by snowdrop07 Cookies Subscribe to RSS feed. Tags: bicolor cookies, sprite cookies You may also be interested in: cookies, jamila cuisine apricot jam, eggless cookies, tender cookies, apricot jam, shaped cookies, apricot jam with fixed gel, apricot cake, apricot syrup, apricot liqueur Cookies with honey and cinnamon are a fragrant and easy to prepare dessert, recommended for the winter, especially around Christmas. They are really delicious and can be prepared with loved ones, the preparation method being very easy and pleasant. Homemade cookies. If you want to make homemade cookies, then all you have to do is choose from these homemade cookie recipes and follow the instructions to enjoy a dessert ready in no time.

Libertatea cookies with honey and cinnamon for women, 25 Nov. 2016 19:00 Download the application Practical Recipes for Android or iOS to always have inspiration in the kitchen, to find useful tips and to cook the most delicious Romanian and international recipes Recipes with everything, for everyone, including fasting. An entire section designed to prepare homemade sweets, which helps you easily choose a birthday cake or cake with which you will pamper your guests. Sweet doughs. Sweet bread. Martyrs Childhood memories Appetizers Drinks & Sauces Biscuits & Cookies Meat. Barbeque. Baked meat, Meat recipes. Hamburgers Contest & Visiting & Campaigns Events Jam & Jam & Canned Vegetables Breakfast Rice Pasta & Pizza Fish & Seafood Pies & Bread Cakes & Desserts As you can see in the presentation image, for Sarah Bernhardt cream meringues there are two options: one local, which I found with one exception only on Romanian blogs, the variant in which two meringues with nuts (hazelnuts, almonds) are glued top to top with a chocolate cream with butter, forming a cylinder which is then rolled through walnut and a non-native version in which. Linzer cookies with jam JamilaCuisine. The winter holidays are fast approaching. We have almost a month until then and we are already thinking about what to do good. At least that's what I understood from .. Chocolate Chip Cookies - video recipe | JamilaCuisine: Preparation recipe Chocolate cookies: 'via Blog this' Posted in: Chocolate, Sweets, Cookies, Cakes, VIDEO. 0 comments: Post a comment. Your opinion: Subscribe to Our RSS feed

German "devils" for beer

Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Boil the potatoes, peel them and peel them and pass them through the mincer. Then mix it with the beaten egg, paprika, salt and salt to make a dough that you can spread under the rolling pin. Cut the slices with the glass.
Put the slices to boil already in hot water, with salt, over low heat, for 5 minutes. Then remove the washers on a sieve and let them drain well. After they have drained, put them to brown in a pan with butter and turn them on each side.
Serve them with beer. You can sprinkle them with brâ acircnz & # 259 or as a shaved horse because they are hot.

Preparation: 40 minutes Baking: 20 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Florin Fredy Dinescu, sat & # 538i & # 539e & # 537ti-Valea St & acircnii, jud. Arge & # 537


It seems that these cookies were very popular when I made you choose facebook you want.

So here are the first in the series of Christmas cookies. Of course, others will follow.

1 lgt cinnamon (I only put 1/2 lgt)

a lgt tip of all spice

(if you do not have all spice you can use clove powder, cardamom, ginger, etc. instead

diced candied orange peel

raisins or other candied fruit of your choice

(quantities for 35 pieces)

Mix the butter (at room temperature) well with the sugar, then add the egg and vanilla.

Mix until smooth.

Mix in a bowl flour, cocoa, baking powder, cinnamon and all spice and put them over the mixture of butter and egg,

We make a compact dough and put it in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap for about 2 hours

(I don't make the dough ball anymore, I make it flatter, so I can spread it easier later).

After it has been in the fridge (you can leave it in the fridge in the evening until morning), we leave it for 2-3 minutes at room temperature,

then we spread it on a baking sheet lightly powdered with flour, in a 3-4 mm thick layer.

We cut the desired shapes, we put almond flakes, raisins, candied fruits on top, we press lightly.

I also made it with diced candied orange peel. We take them with a spatula and put them on baking paper in the tray.

Bake for 10-12 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Leave them in the pan for 2-3 minutes, then put them on a grill to cool.

Enjoy and stay close, other cookies are coming

and those with candied orange peel:

A great gift idea: put cookies in a nice jar, put a bow and voil & agrave: homemade gift

Raisin cookies

Claudia, try to be strong and stop thinking about cookies, it's late today anyway :))
Chiar asta a fost si intentia mea, sa fac fursecurile cu stafide la fel cum sunt cele din cofetarie. Acum, cand am vazut cat de usor se fac, imi pare rau ca atata timp le-am tot cumparat.

Mii de multumiri ptr reteta. sunt un deliciu. un deliciu!

Monica, mii de multumiri si de la mine pentru ca ai ales reteta mea de fursecuri cu stafide in conditiile in care e plin netul de astfel de retete :)

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După zeci de căutări pentru fel şi fel de mâncăruri te-am descoperit pe tine şi sunt extrem de încântată. Îmi plac reţetele tale, care sunt simple şi gustose şi prezentate foarte bine. Sunt sătulă de reţete sofisticate care necesită nu ştiu ce fel de condimente de care nu am auzit niciodată. "Cotrobăind" prin reţetele tale am realizat că aş putea prepara multe dintre ele doar cu ce am prin grădină sau frigider, fără să trebuiască să tot merg la cumpărături. Îţi mulţumesc pentru ceea ce faci, pentru mine eşti un cadou pe ziua de azi! :)

Wow, cred ca m-as simti obligat sa gatesc zilnic daca as primi mereu asemenea comentarii :D
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Mulţumesc mult pentru răspuns! Data viitoare o să pun mai multă făină, sper să-mi iasă. :)

Cu placere, Loredana! Tuturor ni se mai intampla astfel de mici accidente, reteta este foarte simpla si sunt convins ca-ti vor iesi data viitoare.

Este ok daca in loc de ulei pun untura? :D Sper ca nu stric nimic, dar am mai facut candva niste fursecuri cu untura si au fost foarte bune, desi cred ca cele dupa aceasta reteta vor iesi muuuult mai bune:) Indiferent daca primesc un raspuns inainte de a ma apuca de fursecuri, doresc sa multumesc pt reteta, ca am o mare pofta pt niste fursecuri de casa facute ca de bunica:)

Nu stiu ce sa zic, n-am incercat niciodata aceasta reteta cu untura. Teoretic ar trebui sa mearga, dar nu bag mana-n foc :) Oricum, gustul lor se va schimba sigur.
In schimb, exista o reteta de fursecuri cu untura pe care am incercat-o si pe care ti-o recomand. N-au ele stafide, dar fursecurile chiar par facute de bunica.

Buna ziua! Am incercat si eu reteta de fursecuri. Pentru ca nu ca nu mi-au iesit chiar bine, cred ca am gresit la cantitatile de ulei si faina. Deci, rugamintea mea ar fi sa-mi spui te rog ce insemna in grame: o cana de faina, 1/2 cana ulei, deoarece am obsevat ca nu intotdeauna, cana mea se potriveste cu cana din reteta (la grame, ma refer). Multumesc anticipat

Buna, Elena! Poate tu ai folosit o cana micuta de cafea.
O cana normala are 250 ml - mie mi se pare mai usor sa folosesc o cana sau un pahar ca unitate de masura. Dar daca as scrie in lista de ingrediente 125 ml ulei, atunci oare cate g de amoniac ar trebui sa scriu (1/4 lingurita). :) Parca m-as simti farmacist, nu bucatar :))

Buna! Vezi, daca ai scris cantitatea in ml deja am descoperit "buba": canile mele au 200 ml(stiu asa sigur pentru ca masor laptele baiatului meu).
PS : La retete, pe unde e posibil poti indica si in ml:).

With pleasure! Pentru a evita interpretarile, voi incerca sa detaliez cat de mult pot retetele.

Suuuperrrr bune!recomand reteta.tocmai le-am scos din cuptor:)))

Forte bune fursecurile am facut si eu, dar pe langa stafide am mai pus si nuca :) dar am un cuptor care coace cam tare si le-am cam ars putin , dar sunt bune si asa :)

au iesit oribile.Au gust de ulei si atat

Ma gandesc ca trebuie totusi sa mai aiba macar un vag gust de rom.

:) Fac si eu haz de necaz. mai ales ca-mi e mai usor atunci cand necazu` mai mare e al altuia :D

Au iesit delicioase. Astept la 4 musafiri, sper sa mai ramana pana atunci :))

Hai sa incercam sa vedem partea frumoasa: daca tie nu-ti vor mai ramane fursecuri, atunci macar musafirii tai vor ramane cu impresia ca esti tare priceputa in bucatarie :) Oricum, pana vin ei, tu ai putea sa mai "gusti" cateva - sa te asiguri ca toate sunt bune :D

Ingredientele trebuie amestecate cu telul sau pot si cu mixerul ?

Nu cred ca are vreo importanta. Mie mi se pare mai greu de folosit mixerul, cred ca asta e motivul pentru care nu l-am folosit - il tin pe-al meu intr-o cutie amplasata undeva, intr-un sertar aflat foarte sus :)

au iesit exact ca in pozele tale si ca in visele mele :) sunt delicioase. evident am dublat cantitatile ca sa avem macar 2 zile :D . de cand asteptam asa o reteta. acum o sa dea faliment cofetaria de unde le cumparam :) Multumesc pt toate retetele minuate. am o singura dilema la retetele stiu pe care sa le fac mai intai .

With pleasure! Iar daca tot mi-ai multumit, iti te ajut sa iesi din acea dilema: faci retetele in ordinea in care sunt grupate pe site, incepi cu retetele de fursecuti si mergi in jos pana cand le termini si pe cele de pizza :) Astfel ti-ar fi mai usor sa nu ratezi vreuna. Desi ma bucur cand citesc ca fursecurile cu stafide ti-au iesit exact ca-n visele tale, parca-mi pare un pic rau de cofetaria din care ti le cumparai pana acum :D

Tocmai am terminat de copt. Foarte bune, usor si rapid de facut!

Din pacate, dupa cum vei vedea si tu cat de curand, fursecurile cu stafide sunt si la fel de usor si rapid de mancat :)

daaaa. am observat si asta :))

Am incercat si eu fursecurile. Mi-au iesit delicioase. Eu fiind un dezastru in bucatarie:))

:)) Dorina, acum deja poti sa vorbesti la trecut despre asta. Bine-ai venit in lumea celor priceputi intr-ale fursecurilor! :D

Am dat din intamplare peste pagina asta si deja m-a captivat! Doar cititnd postarile de pe aceasta sectiune a furescurilor. Nu mai vorbesc de titlul extrem de insiprat!
Ar fi culmea ca moderatorul sa fie . femeie:))
Urmatoarea reteta de aici o voi lua, promit!
Succes mai departe!

Thanks! Imi doresc sa concluzionezi ca si celelalte retete se ridica la inaltimea celor citite deja.
Sunt de acord cu tine, ar fi culmea ca o femeie sa-si intituleze blogul culinar "" :)) Un titlu, oricat de inspirat ar fi acesta, nu este nici pe departe suficient pentru a garanta succesul unui blog - altfel numeam blogul "" :D
Si sa stii ca te astept sa-ti respecti promisiunea )

Salutare!tocmai ce am descoperit si eu acest blog cu retete si pot spune ca este extraordinar. am facut reteta de fursecuri cu stafide si mi-a iesit bine din fost delicioase:) mai facut si fursecuri cu cacao glazurate,fursecuri cu stafide si asemenea au iesit foarte bune. o sa mai incerc si alte retete,deoarece mi se par simple si nu necesita anumite ingrediente care sunt scumpe sau care nici macar nu am auzit de ele.Tine-o tot asa!si la cat mai multe retete:) Flori

Multumesc, Flori! Vezi, daca n-ai descoperit mai din timp blogul, acum ai o gramada de retete de recuperat :) Ai observat bine: incerc, pe cat posibil, sa public retete simple si sa folosesc ingrediente cat mai accesibile tuturor (chiar si ca pret).

Aceste fursecuri le faceam la fabrica unde lucram in orasul meu si le savuram cu placere,chiar cu riscul de a ma ingrasa,ca de ,tot gustand ajungeam sa ma satur.Acum le duc dorul cum duc si dorul de casa.Multumesc DOMNULUI ca am dat de reteta.GETA

Geta, de acum vei avea ocazia sa gusti in fiecare zi aceste fursecuri cu stafide - asta insa doar daca-ti permite timpul sa le faci atat de des :)

La reteta de placinta cu mere, faceam marturisirea ca am o lista lunga de asteptare si ca voi face retetele pe jumatate. Dar, sa vezi isprava: am facut o jumatate din fursecuri si in timp ce se coceau , mi-a venit ideea sa reoet alta jumatate, dar . de data asta am pus in compozitie o lg de cacao. M-am tinut de cuvant, nu. Doua jumatati delicioaseeeee. RV

Haha, ingenioasa idee! Bineinteles ca te-ai tinut de cuvant :D Eu inca n-am apucat sa gust fursecurile cu stafide si cacao, da` nu e timpu` pierdut.

Daca nu ai apucat sa experimentezi propria reteta in alta varianta, vino la noi sa te servim, ptc. am facut astazi portia normala

Deci pofta a fost mare astazi :) Merci pentru invitatie, dar cred ca cel mai bine este sa le incerc eu - in ultimul timp am primit foarte multe invitatii, iar in ritmul asta as ajunge sa nu mai gatesc deloc :))

super fursecurile le-am facut aseara si deja nu mai sunt ,atat ca prima tava erau toate unite dar am mai adaugat putina faina si niste fulgi de migdale si au iesit de senzatie!!Felicitari ptr retete!!

Multumesc, Marina! Se mai intampla cateodata, in special datorita sortimentului de faina folosit, insa vad ca n-ai intrat deloc in panica si te-ai descurcat cu brio.

Interesant blogul tau! Nu ca m-ar pasiona "bucatareala" insa retetele tale mi se par alese cu grija. Ingrediente accesibile, timpul de gatire rezonabil iar explicatiile sunt mai degraba ale unei femei mature.
Nu prea conteaza, atata timp cat esti o sursa de inspiratie pentru bunatati! Bravo!

:) Pai pentru mine conteaza, daca tu consideri ca explicatiile sunt mai degraba ale unei femei mature, acest lucru imi confirma faptul ca fac o treaba buna atunci cand "redactez" retetele. Insa nu prea inteleg de ce consideri ca o femeie ar trebui sa explice o reteta mai bine decat un barbat. Oricum, gandindu-ma ca in curand voi implini 35 de ani, era timpul sa ma maturizez si eu putin :D

Buna! Le-am facut in seara asta! Au iesit bune desi nu sunt complet multumita. M-am uitat tot timpul la cuptor dar nu se coceau deasupra asa ca le-am lasat sa se arda pe fund. Oricum, aproape s-au terminat deja deci au avut succes si asa :)

Buna, Lavinia. Banuiesc ca folosesti un cuptor pe gaz, doar asa imi explic greutatea cu care de coceau deasupra fursecurile tale cu stafide. Dar, daca aproape s-au terminat atat de repede, inseamna ca nu s-au ars prea tare pe fund :)

Da, pe gaz este. Eu am pus in tava hartie pentru copt si arsura aia a ramas oarecum lipita de hartie asa ca nu au fost amare sau ceva de genul si s-au mancat rapid.

multumesc de reteta sunt foarte gustoase si usor de preparat.multa sanatate si UN PASTE FERICIT

Cu multa placere, Veronica! Happy Easter!

Sunt foarte incantata de aceasta reteta. am facut-o de doua ori in trei zile! Celor din casa le plac foarte tare fursecurile "tale":) . Felicitari pentru reteta!

Merci! Poti spune ca de acum acestea sunt fursecurile "noastre", doar am colaborat la ele: eu am scris reteta, iar tu ai pus-o in practica :) Sper sa ramai incantata de reteta cat mai mult timp, iar daca te saturi cumva de atatea fursecuri cu stafide, sa nu uiti ca pe blog mai am o gramada de alte retete. Si nu doar de fursecuri )

Barbatule la cratita esti genial. Asa cum au spus si altii sunt niste retete usoare,gustoase nu cu fonfleuri.Am facut f.multe dintre retetele tale si De fiecare data am impresionat pe cineva,mai ales ca si mie imi place sa gatesc.Mai vrem.

Haha, am dubii serioase legate de genialitatea mea :D insa n-am niciun dubiu atunci cand spun ca voi publica noi retete (la fel de simple si fara fonfleuri ca pana acum).

buna! As dori sa fac si yo aceasta reteta si am si o intrebare. cu ce as putea sa inlocuiesc amoniacul?

Patricia, am si scris in reteta cu ce poate fi inlocuit amoniacul, insa se pare ca n-ai citit cu atentie. :) "(amoniacul poate fi inlocuit fara probleme cu bicarbonat de sodiu)". Ai putea folosi in fursecurile cu stafide si praf de copt (care este bicarbonat de sodiu deja stins).

O sa fiu scurta: vazut. placut. facut, mancat tot cu pofta. Mersi de reteta. Urmeaza altele :)

N-ai pentru ce, Diana. Astfel imi doresc sa mananci toate rezultatele retetelor urmatoare :)

Foarte bune si acestea ca multe altele de pe site . nu te-ai gandit sa schimbi numele in Barbatul_Ideal?

Haha, la asta nu m-am gandit. desi am primit o gramada de laude pentru retetele culinare de pe blog, inca am ramas cu picioarele pe pamant si-mi constientizez defectele care ma impiedica sa ma autointitulez Barbatul Ideal :)

am facut si eu azi reteta de fursecuri. dar nu au iesit ca ale tale ci mai degraba un chec mai tarisor in forma de fursec. e posibil sa fi pus prea mult bicarbonat?

In mod normal, fursecurile cu stafide ar trebui sa se mai intareasca putin pe masura ce trece timpul. Imediat ce sunt scoase din cuptor, fursecurile ar trebui sa fie cat de cat tarisoare, insa in niciun caz nu e normal sa semene cu un chec. La cantitatile retetei de mai sus, in mod clar nu trebuie sa punem mai mult de un sfert de lingurita cu bicarbonat de amoniu.

foarte bune fursecurile,felicitari pt reteta. eu cautam o reteta de biscuiti cat mai simpli pt fetita mea de 1 an si 3 luni,tin sa mentionez ca este alergica la proteina din lapte si incerc sa o tin departe de asa zisele produse de calitate din comert.asa ca am trecut la fapte si au iesit super bune,puiutu meu a mancat cu placere.o sa mai caut retete aici pe blog si nu numai pt ea ci pt toata familia.

Doamne ce retete simple, ma apuc serios de "fursecurit" :D incep cu cele fragede si apoi cred ca le iau la rand pe toate :)

fursecuri din astea imi facea mama saraca mereu, erau printre preferatele mele, ma lasa pe mine sa pun cu lingurita in tava. si pe langa ingredientele date eu mai adaug si un pic de scortisoara. au o aroma dementiala. sunt fenomenale

va rog sa imi spuneti daca aveti si o varianta de post la fursecuri. va multumesc

a si apropo..referitor la mesajul care l-am lasat mai sus(simona) as vrea sa mai adaug ceva. ale mele nu se intaresc pe zi ce trece(am vazut mai sus raspunsul dvs. la un mesaj). Eu am avut parte de ele sa zic vreo 4 zile si au ramas normale. moi

Se poate face și fără amoniac?

Da, cred ca fursecurile ar iesi bine si cu praf de copt, insa ar fi destul de diferite.

Am preparat reteta ca la. blog, insa cred ca este cuptorul meu stricat sau ceva, pentru ca s-au umflat putin cam mult si, dupa 15 minute, sunt moi si pufoase. Help!

Ready! Tocmai am scos prima transa din cuptor si, chiar daca nu sunt albe (mai degraba bej-rosiatice) si sunt usor pufoase si sfarmicioase, sunt delicioase. Mi-am dat seama ce am facut diferit fata de reteta ta: am pus ulei de masline (de calitate, extravirgin, cumparat de la o livada de maslini din Lefkada - era singurul pe care il aveam in casa) si n-am avut rabdare sa bat bine zaharul.

Am pregatit multe retete de pe blogul tau. In dimineata asta incercasem o reteta de fursecuri cu stafide de pe alt blog, preparate cu unt, insa nu mai aveam unt si am zis sa il inlocuiesc pur si simplu cu ulei. Bineinteles ca aluatul s-a "taiat", l-am aruncat si am cautat o alta reteta.

Asa am ajuns la tine. Multumesc ca mi-ai "reparat" dimineata. :))

Mie imi plac mai mult fursecurile alea bej-rosiatice decat cele albicioase - arata mai bronzate, daca tot m-ai dus cu gandul la plaja aia care e simbolul Lefkadei :)

Top 3 rețete de fursecuri de Crăciun

Ideile de decorare a fursecurilor și biscuiților de Crăciun pe care vi le propun astăzi vor trezi cu siguranță spiritul sărbătorilor în casă ta. Sunt rețete încercate de mine, pe care vi le-am arătat și pe blogul culinar și care vor reuși negreșit.

Alegeți întotdeauna ingrediente de bună calitate, încercând să înlocuiți zahărul cu îndulcitor sau miere și pasta de zahăr pentru ornat cu ciocolată și veți obține niște dulciuri cu adevărat spectaculoase. În loc de coloranți puteți folosi pudră de spirulină care este verde și albastră, turmeric, pudră de sfeclă roșie sau ceai matcha.

1. Turtă dulce de Crăciun

De departe cel mai iconic dulce al Crăciunului, turta dulce este extrem de simplu de făcut.

  • 400 g făină
  • 1 or
  • 2 linguri mirodenii pentru turtă dulce ( ghimbir, scorțișoară, nucșoară)
  • un praf de copt
  • a pinch of salt
  • 160 g unt gras
  • 200 g zahăr brun
  • 60 ml miere

Mai întâi se amestecă ingredientele uscate. Separat se bate spumă untul cu zahărul, după care se adaugă oul și mierea. Această cremă pune peste ingredientele uscate și se frământă un aluat omogen și elastic, pe care îl păstrăm în folie la frigider cel puțin o oră.

Din acest aluat se întind foi de jumătate centimetru grosime care se decupează cu forma dorită.

Figurinele de turtă dulce se coc în cuptorul preîncălzit timp de 10-12 minute la 170 de grade, sau până când devin ușor aurii.

Decoram turta dulce cu glazură de zahăr sau cu ciocolată topita și diverse bombonele colorate.

2. Fursecuri Linzer cu nucă și gem

Aceste fursecuri sunt extrem de delicate și au o textură plăcută, care mai că nu te lasă să te oprești din mâncat. Partea frumoasă este că le poți umple cu diverse tipuri de gem și să pară că ai făcut mai multe feluri de prăjituri.

  • 400 g făină
  • 200 g butter
  • 150 g zahăr
  • 2-3 plicuri zahăr vanilat
  • 50 g nuci măcinate
  • 1/2 sachet baking powder
  • 5 gălbenușuri
  • zahăr pudră vanilat pentru ornat

Untul se freacă spumă cu zahărul, se adaugă gălbenușurile unul câte unul, apoi se pun toate celelalte ingrediente și se frământă. Se obține un aluat sfărâmicios, care se păstrează la rece pentru o oră.

Acest aluat se împarte în 4 și se întinde în foi din care se taie rondele cu un pahar. Apoi în mijlocul a jumătate din aceste rondele se decupează o fereastră prin care se va vedea umplutura.

Fursecurile se coc 15 minute la 150 grade, iar când sunt reci se lipesc câte 2 cu ce fel de gem preferați, astfel puteți avea diferite forme și culori de biscuiți. Se tăvălesc ușor prin zahăr pudră.

3. Fursecuri cu unt, rețeta de bază

Această rețetă este probabil cea mai simplă și mai gustoasă din cate am făcut vreodată. Ai nevoie de doar câteva ingrediente să le prepari, iar gustul este absolut minunat.

Acestea pot fi preparate cu până la 2 săptămâni înainte și păstrate în cutie de metal sau borcan de sticlă până când vor fi așezate pe masa de Crăciun. Între timp se frăgezesc și gusturile se amestecă, rezultând cele mai bune fursecuri de Crăciun.

  • 280 g unt
  • 1 gălbenuş
  • 85 g zahăr pudră
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 400 g făină
  • 1 plic budincă de vanilie
  • 3 linguri iaurt grecesc
  • aromele preferate

Modul de preparare este la fel de simplu ca procurarea ingredientelor…

Untul se mixează cu zahărul, apoi se adaugă gălbenușul și aromele. Incorporam iaurtul, sarea, făina și budinca de vanilie. (puteți folosi o budincă de cacao și în acest caz fursecurile vor fi de ciocolată).

Se întinde o foaie de jumătate de centimetru grosime din care se decupează fursecurile. Acestea se lasă la frigider 15 minute, până se întăresc, apoi se coc în cuptorul preîncălzit la 170 °C, timp de 12-15 minute.

Când sunt reci se decorează după imaginație.

Propunerile de fursecuri pentru Crăciun pe care am ales să vi le prezint astăzi sunt o modalitate frumoasă de a decora masa pentru cinele festive din luna decembrie. În plus îi puteți antrena și pe cei mici în decorarea acestora.

Bucurați-vă de ideile colorate și originale în care puteți decora rețetele clasice pentru a vă umple casa cu bucurie de Crăciun!

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