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Lime cookies

Lime cookies

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  • For cookies:
    • half a cup of coconut flakes;
    • half a cup of sugar;
    • a lime (peel + juice + pulp)
    • 2 dogs flour;
    • 100 g cold butter.
    For the glaze:
    • 1 cup powdered sugar;
    • 1 lime (peel + juice + pulp).

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


  1. Grate the lime, then remove the juice with the pulp.

  2. Mix the coconut flakes with the sugar, peel, juice and lime pulp.

  3. Add the flour, mix well, then gradually add the butter (cut into smaller pieces) and knead a dough. If the dough is too thin, add a little more flour.

  4. The resulting dough is placed in a foil in the refrigerator for one hour.

  5. Before removing the dough from the fridge, turn it on in the oven to heat it up.

  6. Form small balls out of the dough, then flatten them and place them in a tray with baking paper.

  7. Leave in the oven for 30-35 minutes, then remove and leave to cool.

  8. Meanwhile, prepare the icing.

  9. Mix the powdered sugar with the juice, pulp and lime peel, then grease each biscuit with the resulting icing.

Lemon, lime and basil tart

A super refreshing tart with lemon, lime and basil, perfect for the last warm days. Very sour, the tart gives you the impression that you are eating lemonade, but it is very fresh and helps you better withstand the heat and sluggishness, and the combination with basil is more than delicious.

Lemon, lime and basil tart


1. To prepare the dough, mix the butter with the sugar until the sugar melts and then add the vanilla, egg and salt. At the end, sift the flours together and add them to the composition, then knead well until a homogeneous dough results. Put the dough for about 2 hours to rest in the fridge.

2 While the dough is in the fridge, grate the peel of a lemon and a lime and then squeeze the lemons and lime.

3. After the dough has rested in the fridge, roll it out in a round shape and place it in a tart pan greased with a little butter. Cut the edges of the dough if they are larger than the tray and then place them on a baking sheet and beans as a weight, so that the dough does not rise. Put the tart dough in the oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes and then take the baking paper with the beans and bake for another 10 minutes.

4. For the cream of the tart, mix the eggs, egg yolks with the sugar and butter well and then gradually add the lemon juice, lime juice, lemon peel and grated lime, basil leaves and salt. Then, put the cream on the fire, through the bain marie process, on top of a bowl of boiling water. Be careful to stir constantly so as not to make scrambled eggs. The cream is ready when it hardens.

6. Empty the cream over the dough and put the tart in the oven at 160 ° C for 10 minutes. For a cooling effect, serve cold from the fridge, decorated with slices of citrus and currants. Good appetite!

I also challenge you to "play" with the ingredients and "cut new flavors"!

The key limes are delicious with coconut, blueberries and raspberries. In itself, lime can be very sour, but it works beautifully with the rich and sweet aroma of coconut. Try pairing lime key and coconut in a scone or with blueberries in a key lime key.

You will need a lot of lime juice, lemon peel, cream and a few cans of sweetened condensed milk (it is the nectar of the gods). Simply mix it, pour it into a pie crust, bake for 10 minutes and voila - you have a Key Lime Pie that will blow your mind.

Ingredients Must Make Key Lime Pie:

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Below you will find recipes for 35 of the best lime desserts and keys on the web, which are perfect for spring, summer or whenever you want a moist lime-flavored dessert. I even included lime and lime cakes! There are so many incredible recipes you can make with lime key, so this is a great way to start.

Click the Launch Gallery button to see all these delicious lime dessert recipes and don't forget to check out my other popular posts:

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Madeleines with matcha, lime and pistachio

Madeleines or mini cakes with personality, as I like to call them, are the kind of dessert that makes a good home with a cup of tea or a glass of milk. I say that they have personality because they are not trivial at all, no matter how small they are, and here I mean that they can be made in a wide variety of flavors. I chose to present you madeleines with lime matcha and pistachio. For those who do not know what matcha is, I give a helping hand. Matcha is the green tea leaf, which is ground very finely, thus being transformed into powder.

Ingredients for madeleines with matcha, lime and pistachio
  • 130 gr butter
  • 120 gr sugar
  • 30 gr fried and ground pistachios
  • grated peel from 1 lime
  • 3 tablespoons matcha
  • 5 g baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 yolks
  • 120 gr flour
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • juice from 1 lime
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

Optional: 50 gr melted white chocolate, chopped pistachios for decoration.

Dough preparation

I started by mixing the flour with baking soda, pistachios and matcha, then I melted the butter in the microwave and chose the quick option, but it can also be melted on the fire.

In the bowl of a food processor I put the sugar, including vanilla, eggs, egg yolks, honey and lime peel and mixed on medium speed until I got an airy composition and increased in volume.

After the composition increased in volume, I sifted the mixture of flour, baking soda, pistachio and matcha, and with the help of a spatula I mixed with circular movements, lightly, so that the air does not come out. Then I added the melted butter and lime juice, continuing to mix just as easily.

I left the mixture in the fridge, covered with cling film, for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I turned on the oven at 170 degrees and prepared the tray.

After 30 minutes, I took the dough out of the fridge, greased the pan with oil, and with the help of a spoon I filled each form halfway.

I baked for about 10-12 minutes, until the edges turned brown.

I left them to cool in the pan for about 10 minutes, then I took them out on a wire rack to cool well.

I couldn't help but beautify them a little, so I melted white chocolate and "scribbled" chaotically on them, then I threw a little chopped pistachios and voila! My madeleines with matcha, lime and pistachio are ready to be admired and devoured.

Biscuit salami with berry and vanilla sauce

I didn't want to cook a salami that isn't made of meat because I'm against eating meat (on the contrary), but it's a very good dessert and quite forgotten, unfortunately, especially since the variants found in the trade are not at all it must be.

For the salami, I crushed (coarsely) 200 grams of digestive or oat biscuits (please don't put some of the popular ones), I put over a handful of chopped pistachio kernels (you can put any oilseeds) and half a cup of cherries from chopped cherry (you can put raisins kept for a few hours in rum / brandy or nothing).

I microwaved 100 grams of butter with 250 grams of dark chocolate (to be dark) in 30-second increments, until it was homogenous.

I put 50 grams of powdered sugar in the melted chocolate with butter (you can not put it if you don't want to) and I added all this over the dry mixture. I mixed well and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to sit.

In the meantime, I made the sauces.

For the berries, I took 400 gr mix of frozen berries, and put them in a pot with 100 ml of water, 50 gr sugar and a drop of lemon. I boiled until it started to thicken and soften all the fruit, I took them off the heat and strained them to remove the seeds.

For the vanilla one, I mixed until 3 egg yolks, two tablespoons of sugar, 4 sachets of vanilla sugar (32 g), 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla essence (or the pulp from a pod of) were mixed in a pot. vanilla) and a tablespoon of starch. I put over 350 ml of milk and put it on low heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens (when you feel that it has thickened, take it immediately off the heat, do not let it boil, because you will make the omelet).

I took the salami mixture out of the fridge, put it on a plastic wrap and shaped it into salami. Because I wanted to serve it quickly, I kept it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, otherwise, put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Why not make one of your childhood desserts? The sauces go great with the biscuit salami, being a good option to put this dessert back on our tables, in a newer, more colorful, more interesting and tastier version.

Grilled wings with chili and lime

Does anyone want grilled wings? Tip: before putting them on the grill, do well and serve them with a quick and sour dressing at the same time. You will not regret it. If you want a lot of flavor, you can marinate them in that sauce. You can leave them for 5 minutes or 2 hours, it's up to you. For this recipe we chose the quick version, because we were very hungry!

Mojito with lime and peach

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 liter ap & # 259 mineral & # 259
450 ml white rum
a few mint leaves
250 ml of fresh lime juice
140 g zah & # 259r
1 tablespoon & # 259 & # 259 peel & # 259 de l & # 259m & acircie
500 g peeled peaches and peeled cubes
ice & # 539 & # 259
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Wash the peaches and cut them into cubes, then put them in a blender and pass them. Strain the puree formed through a thick sieve to get rid of the solid particles. Mix lime juice with grated lime peel, sugar and mint in a bowl. Then crush the mint leaves in this mixture with the back of a spoon. Add the puree and rum and mix the sugar to dissolve the sugar. Add mineral water & # 259.
Serve the cocktail in iced glasses and decorate with mint leaves.

Enter here and you will find a recipe for a special cocktail.

Cereal biscuits. The healthiest fiber-rich biscuits

Cereal biscuits are a perfect way to start the morning with a lot of energy. It is a very simple recipe and you can already find all the ingredients for it in your kitchen. They are healthy biscuits, rich in fiber and vitamins that our body needs.

From this recipe you can get 25 biscuits and you can cook it in just 30 minutes.

Recipe & # 8211 Biscuits with rice and lime flour

Rice flour biscuits have a special consistency. They are crumbly and, most importantly, can be eaten by those suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

Biscuits with rice flour

Ingredient about 30 cookies
◦250 gr rice flour
◦150 gr butter at room temperature
◦100 gr powdered sugar
◦2 large egg whites
◦15 - 20 gr lime / lemon juice
◦2 lime (grated peel)
Mix the butter, at room temperature, with the powdered sugar, until you get a fine cream.
Add the egg whites, mix, and then gradually add the flour, lime or lemon juice and grated lime peel.

Depending on the type of flour used, a little lime juice may be needed. The consistency of the dough should be creamy and soft so that we can form the biscuits with the help of a & # 8220sac à poche & # 8221.

Form the biscuits in the oven tray lined with baking paper,
Bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, for 12-13 minutes. Biscuits are not allowed to color! When their base has started to brown discreetly, take them out of the oven and let them cool in the pan.

Powder with powdered sugar and serve with tea, coffee or milk.

Grate the 2 limes, then squeeze them. For the top, mix the soft butter with the sugar until it gets a creamy consistency. Add the eggs, one by one, then the sifted flour and mixed with the baking powder, the juice from the 2 limes and the coconut flakes.

Put the composition in a lined cake pan and keep it in the oven until the cake is browned. Leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, mix the cream cheese with the sugar, then add the lemon juice. Pour the icing over the cake, sprinkle with grated coconut, the remaining peel from the 2 limes and decorate, if you want, with pieces of coconut and slices of lime.

Two delicious recipes for simple and quick cakes without baking

Mini cheesecake without baking

Impress your loved ones with a reinterpreted cheesecake recipe. Use the muffin tins to prepare these simple and quick cakes without baking and the effect will be sensational.

Ingredient: & frac34 cup of crushed cereal biscuits, 3 tablespoons melted butter, 230 g cream cheese, 400 ml milk, 80 ml lime juice, a teaspoon of lime peel, 230 g whipped cream.

Mix the cereal biscuits with the melted butter in a bowl, then put baking paper in 12 muffin tins and add a small amount of the mixture obtained in each container. Do not put more than one or two teaspoons, then press the composition well. Mix with a cheese cream mixer until you get a fluffy consistency, then gradually add the milk and lime juice. Incorporates lime peel and whipped cream. Distribute the cream in each form, then place the containers in the refrigerator after covering them with cling film. Serve with whipped cream and a slice of lime on top.

Cake with vanilla pudding and chocolate

Who could refuse a cake with vanilla pudding and chocolate, especially when it has a thin and healthy top? Prepare this recipe for the Easter holidays and you will not regret the culinary choice.

Ingredient: two packets of cereal biscuits, two sachets of vanilla pudding, 3 cups of milk, 230 g of whipped cream, one sachet of chocolate icing or two simple chocolate bars.

Crush the cereal biscuits and divide the quantity into three. After placing the first layer on a plate or in a tray, spread half of the cream consisting of pudding, milk and cream. Cover the composition with the remaining biscuits, then spread the rest of the cream and sprinkle the biscuits on top. Spread the chocolate icing over the dessert and place the container in the refrigerator.

Try these too simple and quick cake recipes without baking on the occasion of Easter. You will get two delicious and interesting-looking dishes, ideal for festive moments.

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